Friday, January 29, 2010

The Darndest Things

This repost from 2008 was too good not to share.

I wasn't around for this one, but I thought it was definitely worth telling secondhand.

Matt took Bryce to Costco to get his glasses adjusted, and pick up a couple odds and ends. As they were passing a table of samples, Bryce asked if he could have one.

"No," Matt said. "But do you want to know why?"

Bryce, with a sly look and joking tone, replied, "Because you're a jerk?"

Matt said he almost cried he laughed so hard. Then he told Bryce never to say that to anyone else, ever ... but because he made his Old Man laugh, he could have the sample.

To the kid's credit, he wouldn't even repeat the story to me.


While I was driving Bryce to day camp, he started asking me all about my work.

"Do you have friends there?"

Sure, I answered, and rattled off the names of some of my co-workers, including my boss, Mike.

"Is he a good boss? Is he nice to you?" Bryce asked. (He always asks this about everyone's boss. I'm wondering who had a bad boss.)

"Oh yes," I answered.

"Does he play with you? Do you get free time?"

Hmmm. "Well, I get to eat lunch, and I have a couple breaks," I answered. "What do you mean by free time?"

"You know, like playing on the swings, and in the sandbox."

Don't I wish! :)
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