Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Away, World

I am cranky this Friday morning.

After 31 years of the world generally working in my favor, Karma has decided to intervene. Here's a rundown of why I am cranky:

Best Buy Sucks.
The hubs hopped over to Best Buy the day after Christmas, and using a return item, some cash and money we didn't have too much of in our bank account, bought an external hard drive. As happens to the best of us in retail situations (see the time Steph bought a $160 bra in New York), reality stepped in five minutes later, and he turned right around and returned it.

Literally. Five minutes later.

We still have not seen our refund. Best Buy is keeping their merchandise and our money. That is the same as if we kept their merchandise and our money. Stealing. I believe there's a commandment out there regarding that.

The store tells us to call the 800-number. The 800-number (after hours on hold and multiple disconnects) tells us to go back to the store. The latest we've heard is that we may see our money back in a few days.

Car Warranties Suck.
When we bought my car a few years back, we decided to pay an extra $1600 for an 80,000 warranty. This would bring our total warranty to 110,000, meaning we'd pretty much not have to worry about anything as long as we had the car.

That mileage is right, by the way. I checked the warranty contract we signed. It has the total mileage as well as what we paid for it. I had to sign it. There's lots of legal language to it.

But I just paid $450 to have my engine mount replaced, because the warranty company told us that they changed the terms, and would only be covering my car until 80,000 miles.

Now, if I went and spent $5 on a pound of potatoes at Safeway, and then the price of potatoes went up, Safeway would not be able to come to my house and take half of my potatoes away.

How is this any different?

My sweater sucks.
It's too short. It's a top-of-the-hips sweater, and we live in a below-the-hips world. It hits me in all the wrong places and accentuates my winter weight gain. But I love 3/4 sleeved black sweaters. So there we are.

I'm thirsty. It sucks.
OK, I could get up and get a glass of water, but I'm far more into my angst right now.

Bank Accounts Suck.
The hubs has almost nothing in his, because he does not get paid for vacation. That sucks in itself. But mostly, because Best Buy is stealing from us, we have no money in one of our bank accounts.

And I like having money in my bank account. It's something I've grown accustomed to over the years. Not a lot, but enough.

My hair sucks.
It's too long. I need a cut. I committed the ultimate sin and cancelled my last haircut an hour before I was supposed to go in (Really, it was a work thing. I am not That Girl.). And thanks to Best Buy, I can't schedule another appointment for at least two weeks. Probably four.

I realize that I am very, very lucky that all of our money problems are temporary; and that we have enough to catch up to the ones that aren't. I realize that there are many people out there who haven't had a haircut in months, and who can't go to Best Buy to get ripped off in the first place.

I'm just being petulant.

I'm sorry.
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