Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miscellania Roundup

These days I don't see much of my husband.

It's the beginning of the busy season for those in construction (or, at least, window sales), and he's generally working from about 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. So I've got to find ways to amuse myself.

Twice last week I took Koa to the dog park.

Yesterday I used a pass for the Chaminade's fitness facilities. Their workout equipment is so-so, but I wasn't truly there to work out. I was there to sit in the sauna and take a steam. I did, and came home a puddle.

Tonight I have my Weight Watcher's meeting, and then I'm starting something new: I'm going to co-teach my first community CPR class in preparation for my student teaching exam in June.


I decided a few months ago that I needed a second job. We could use the income, yes; but mostly I wanted something flexible to keep me busy when my dearest moneymaker is at work until the wee hours. So I took a few classes and am almost certified as an American Heart Association CPR instructor. Once I am official, I can teach classes to community groups as much--or as little--as I'd like! It's fascinating material, and the classes are a blast!

While I'm concentrating on that (and on teaching myself Adobe InDesign CS4, in case you were interested), I'm also doing a little bit of globetrotting. Well, coast-trotting. West-Coast-Trotting.

OK, I visited family in Temecula with my mom and my sister. I only took three pictures the whole time.

This is my sister, Katherine. She's saying, "Dude, why the eff are you taking a picture of me now?" (I guess this is how I'll find out if she reads my blog!)

But I'll say some nice things about her in hopes that she'll let me leave this up. She's hilarious. She's honest. She's got an awesome sense of style (see the scarf and the cool sunglasses?) even if I tease her about owning "Golden Girls" shades. 

She's one of my best friends.

And here she is doing one of our favorite things in the world: Wine tasting.

You just can't go to Temecula and not go wine tasting.

I think that's the reisling that we fell in love with. The tasting room, Tesoro, was fun. Tesoro means "treasure chest" in Italian, and when you bought a flight, you got five gold coins to spend.

To learn more about our tasting experience, you'll have to check Mama's Wine Rack, because I owe her a review.

And just so Katherine doesn't think I'm picking on her:

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