Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winning at "Marriage"

If marriage were a competition, my husband would be winning.

This weekend, anyway. It started Saturday morning, when we took Koa to his first dog park. Our superior canine far preferred our company to the company of other dogs. We left when he just laid down next to us, coolly surveying all the pooping and chasing. No other dogs were cool enough for him.

When I got home from grocery shopping afterwards, my darling husband--the best one in the world, I might add--was cleaning the bathroom. Bonus, I thought. This must be because he washed the dog last weekend and I successfully pretended that I did not see the layer of German Shepherd hair on the floor. Passive-aggressive win!!

But after he finished that bathroom, he cleaned the other one. And the guest room. And collected the laundry. And swept and vacuumed.

For no reason. I didn't ask, nag or cajole. He's just that nice. Then he made me a steak dinner. I baked him a two-later butter cake with homemade chocolate frosting. He preferred the ice cream he'd just bought, but it was the thought that counted.

With the house clean this morning, he decided to change the oil in our cars, so I took over laundry (which has become his domain). We went for lunch at our favorite Indian food buffet, and watched "Angels and Demons" together in our new reclining chairs.

I tried to repay his awesomeness by NOT saying, "I've been there!" every 10 minutes; explaining the origins of the word "conclave" or giving away the ending when he asked, "So that's a good guy, right?"

So here I am, laundry done, house clean, looking at a tomorrow with no obligations in it. Looks like another work holiday spent with my knitting ... and Lifetime: Television for Women.

But I'll put in some time plotting on how I can swing next weekend in my favor.
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