Monday, February 1, 2010

Where God lives

This is another cute post from 2008. This kid!

Conversing with Bryce is like driving during a high-speed chase in "The Bourne Identity." You think you're going left, and all of a sudden, BAM ... U-turn down a flight of stairs.

This morning, we were talking about our favorite characters from "Transformers Animated" on the way to camp. His: Bumblebee, "'cause he's fast." Mine: "The motorcycle guy. I think he's smart."

"Oh, Rachet?" Bryce asked with a disappointed tone. "He's the boring one. He doesn't do anything."

Well, excuuuuuuuse me!

Then, out of left field:

"What do the angels do when it's foggy?"


"Well, what do you think they do?"

"I think they have wind and water."


"And do you know where God lives? You go to outer space, and then on top of that, is where God lives. Because God can't live in outer space ... no one can. Sometimes God comes down to watch us, though. He doesn't talk--just watches. And I think God has a table, and you lay down on it, and he has the wings. But it's only for people in cemeteries. Then he puts the wings on you."

And, just as my mind was boggling trying to figure out where all this came from; and exactly what Sunday School he's been attending, he hit me with his on his way out of the car.

"And God has a crown. I know. And other people have circles that are light and go on your head. And they're magic."

"Halos?" I asked.

"What's a halo?" he replied.
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