Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So stylin'

You will all be so jealous when you see the seriously awesome earrings I bought at CJ's Studio jewelry store on Friday.

How awesome are they?

Let's just say that I will put them on and solve global warming; win an Oscar; turn down both Angelina Jolie AND Johnny Depp; then rescue a puppy from a burning building.

Well, OK ... maybe I'll just look super cute. :)

But check this out! The designer of said awesome earrings (I'll post photos when I get them) has started a line called "Hope for Haiti." She's selling beautiful pendants in the hopes of sending $1,000 overseas to help the survivors of the devastating quake. Trust me, all the cool kids will be buying them.

So not only will you own a really great necklace created by a local artist, but you'll be stylish for a good cause.

That's called a win-win, friends!

(And if you do head over and pick one up, do me a solid and tell her that Steph sent you.)
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