Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life, Interrupted

This is what I wanted to do last night:
  • Finish laundry
  • Put laundry away
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Garnish my 15-bean soup and eat a beautifully prepared dinner
  • Finish knitting at least one afghan square
  • Take my dog for two walks
  • Spend an hour talking to my husband before bed.
This is what I actually did last night:
  • Drink three glasses of wine
  • Watch "My Sister's Keeper" and cry
  • Get into a political discussion on a message board
  • Send apologetic messages to the people I argued with
  • Eat microwaved leftover lasagna
  • Chat online with my sister
  • Walk my dog, twice
  • Go to bed a half-hour before my husband came home from work
Sometimes, even though you have plans for life, life has plans for you. :)
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