Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've Been There

I love to travel.

I don't get to as much as I'd like. In fact, for someone who adores hotels, new places to explore, new languages and new adventures, I've traveled embarassingly little in my life.

You wouldn't know it for the recycled anecdotes I love to share, though.

In honor of my travel bug (and in anticipation of exciting future trips and more excuses for blogging), I've launched a second blog, "I've Been There." It's devoted to my travels--past, current and future. You can find a collection of amusing stories with which to procrastinate the day away.

The name of the blog is something that my husband is familiar with--and probably wishes he weren't. It's my penchant for shouting, "I've been there!" whenever a place I've visited pops up on the television screen, in movies or in conversation. Really, I'm quite annoying.

I'm also going to update this new blog with various reviews and recommendations, including some local places right here in California (in case I ever get any out-of-state followers). Keep in mind that I'm not an expert: I just know what I like.

So check it out! I'd love to hear of some of your own travel anecdotes at I've Been There. I welcome collaboration, guest bloggers and, as always, a rich assortment of comments.
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