Thursday, July 2, 2009

Living With Boys

Let me preface this by stating what Matt reminded me when we had this discussion: I have it pretty good.

BUT ...

I still live with two boys right now. Ordinarily, that's fine by me. I get to be the Lady of the house, and the go-to gal for anything requiring a feminine touch. As the only lioness in the pride, I don't have to mark my territory as often, which is also nice.

There are times, though, when a gal needs another set of X-chromosomes around for backup. What made me run screaming for my bedroom, cell phone in hand, to reach out to another girl--any other girl--was the following:
  • Toilet paper is optional for men. Not in the ucky way. Just generally. Toilet paper is not optional for women. It is right up there with food and shelter. With two boys in the house, somehow all the toilet paper is consistently used up before I enter the bathroom. Apparently, if your dignity does not depend on a consistent supply of TP, you just don't think about refilling the roll when you leave the room.
  • A shower has multiple uses for a boy in a hurry. I love to take baths. I don't want to get too into this, so go ahead and do the math.

It was just too much for me this week. So I'm taking tomorrow off work and spending the day my XX way: shopping. I'm overdue for some cute summery tops that will stand up next to my hubby's rock-n-roll preppy look; could use some new candles and room fresheners; and just need some retail therapy. It's the Gilroy Premium Outlets for me.

So how does one prepare for a trip to an outlet mall that takes up four blocks?

  1. Throw open the closet doors and take a long, hard look inside. I like to make sure the laundry has recently been done before taking this on.
  2. If something doesn't fit, is falling apart or no longer makes the wardrobe cut, put it in a bag. Even if you've worn it recently. I have a couple sports bags I use for this purpose. That way, it's not in my closet but not at Goodwill, either. If I pull it out of the bag over the course of a year, I keep it. If not, all my giveaway clothes are in one place.
  3. Take note, mental or otherwise, of needed necessities. I, for instance, will be on the lookout for a white button-down shirt, a plain white t, and a new pair of jeans.
  4. Also note favorite colors. I am guilty of buying everything in blue, brown or shades of red. Knowing this, I try to avoid those colors in the store to freshen up my wardrobe.
  5. Recognize the stores that carry clothes for your figure, and stick to them. I don't waste my time shopping outside of Ann Taylor, Banana Republic or Gap.

I have a good mental picture of the outfits I consistently wear, so if something goes bad or missing, I can generally replace with without too much trouble. But there are times when I go clothes shopping with a list of things to be on the lookout for.

I am also a penny-pinching shopper. I look for the lowest prices possible, even if it means I skip out on some trends. Why? Because trends are disposable. I will shell out top-dollar for well-made, nicely cut classic items. Like the white Anne Klein trenchcoat I saw at Macy's last season but couldn't afford. This year, it's mine ... and I know it will work for years to come because well-cut trenchcoats never really go out of style.

So that's why I'm spending the day at the outlets tomorrow.

When I come home, I'll be roasting my first chicken. In the barbecue, no less. Check back for updates!

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