Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekly check-in

Just a round-up of my life over the week to keep me honest, and satisfy that need for voyeurism that forces you to read my blog. :)

One-word description of the workweek: Laborious
Books I've finished: "Look Me in the Eye," John Elder Robinson; "The Pact," Jodi Picoult
News story that stuck with me: Jon & Kate Plus 8 divorcing; Farrah Fawcett--dead!; Michael Jackson--dead! Wow, what a week!

Workouts this week: 4
Nutritional cheats: White-chocolate truffles, lemon bread, Muddy Buddies (although since technically I didn't have lunch those days ...)

What I did for myself: With a house full of noise and boys, I took myself to the movies on Sunday to see the weeper "My Sisters Keeper." Did not disappoint! I'm glad I brought a bag of tissues, because I started crying about five minutes in, and didn't stop until 10 minutes before the credits rolled. Judging by all the sniffles around me, the handful of other women in the theatre felt the same way! Ladies, isn't it great to have an outlet for those unnecessary tears every now and again?
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