Saturday, December 26, 2009

TV is depressing tonight

There's nothing on.

I can watch "Revolutionary Road" (which I've never seen and know is depressing) or "He's Just Not That Into You" (which I've never seen AND have recorded AND suspect is depressing).

I don't want to watch either, but I can't turn "He's Just Not That Into You" off. But I am SO mad at it.

I mad at Ginnifer Goodwin's character, who tries too hard with guys. I'm mad at those guys because if you say you're going to call, call already. I'm mad at Scarlett Johannsen's character, because she's a homewrecker. (If you know someone is married, they are off limits.)

I'm mad at Ben Affleck's character because he's one of those guys who "does not believe in marriage." Nobody doesn't believe in marriage. It's an excuse for an Out.

But mostly, I'm enormously P.O.'s at Bradley Cooper's character, who has a crush on ScarJo's character even though he's married. And he knows he's attracted to her, knows that he shouldn't pursue any kind of contact with her because it would be detrimental to her marriage, but sees her anyway. Privately. Naked.

I'm only halfway through, but I hate this movie. And I really want to turn it off (except I'm rooting for the Mac guy and Ginnifer Goodwin's character). But it's making me appreciate my husband like crazy.

He called when he said he would. He couldn't wait to introduce me to his family. He brought up the idea of marriage first ... enthusiastically. He tells me how much he loves me on a daily basis.

And we have the same exact idea about infidelity. It's not flirting, or kissing, or talking or sex.

It's anything you wouldn't tell your spouse about.

And the fact that my husband gave me a look like, "Duh, of course that's cheating. What else could it be?" makes me intensely grateful for exchanging vows with a good, good man.

(But I'm still going to watch the movie. I'm just going to pause it every once in awhile so that I can go kiss the guy watching Discovery Channel in the bedroom who has never once made me anxious over his interest.)
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  1. Re: Revolutionary Road: IF you want (which I highly recommend, as it's an excellent movie and you're in a GOOD marriage), watch it with Matt but tell each other how grateful you are for each other first. :) It's a doozy (but really, really powerful).