Thursday, December 10, 2009

OK, OK ... I give!

I give up. I'm scheduling Christmas Cookie Extravaganza.

Here's just a smattering of the reasons why:

"If you need to, you can send any extras my way so you aren't tempted," wrote my college roommate on Facebook. "I will take one for the team. I am that kind of friend."

"I've already made two batches this month," a former co-worker practically bragged.


But the big winner was this post, from the hubs:

"Remember when we spent all that money on that big-ass Kitchen Aid life-saving device?," he wrote, menacingly. "Do you remember what you said as we put it in the cart? Because if you forgot, I'll remind you while my Christmas cookies cool."

That's right. I promised the Kitchen Aid mixer, my wedding gift to myself, would pay for itself in spades during CCE.

I think I promised that I'd be able to make even more cookies than usual with it.

Me and my big mouth.

And soon, me and my big fat tummy, because this year's line up is getting good!

Sugar cookie cutouts
Pecan pie cookies
Whoopie pies
Cranberry White Chocolate cookies
Italian anise shortbread
Walnut ball cookies
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