Friday, October 30, 2009


I love candy.

I enjoy dressing in different clothes.

I think little kids are adorable.

All these things are true, and yet ... Halloween is not my holiday.

I personally do not enjoy wearing a costume. I am tired of trick-or-treaters after the third doorbell ring. I get annoyed at teenagers who trick-or-treat (seriously, get a job and buy your own candy).

But, since people at my work are remarkably into the holiday (with some amazing costumes to boot), I give it a little effort.

When I say little, I mean little. Three years ago, I bought a pair of velvet devil horns. They attach to the head with velcro, so they look kinda cool with big hair.

Three years ago, I just slapped them on. Two years ago, I wore warm boots, a turtleneck and a down vest with the horns and called myself, "When Hell Freezes Over."

This year, I remembered it was "Halloween" at the last minute and stuck the horns on with my typical casual Friday gear. As I trudged up the stairs to work, it dawned on me.

I'm "The Devil You Know." (Get it ... I look just like me, only with these stupid horns.)

As long as I can find a devil-related phrase next year, I'm good to go!
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