Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peer Pressure

You know when your shower needs to be cleaned, but you don't want to do it?

So you pretend you don't see the muck and slime growing in the corners, then it gets worse and you ignore it more, until you have to spend three hours on your hands and knees battling black mold?

(Well, hopefully none of your showers get like that.)

That's been my relationship with the blog lately. It's so much easier to post to a message board, or Facebook, or anywhere at all. So I took a week off. That turned into a month or so, until I got so far behind that I considered scrapping this one and starting a new blog altogether.

Then a friend told me she'd added my blog to her reader, and that she was looking forward to staying updated.

Well, shoot. I can't very well ignore a vocal audience, can I?
Don't think it's just you, Blog, that's been ignored. Here's just a short list of items I'm woefully behind on:
  • Training my dog. He peed on someone at the dog park a few weeks ago, and I haven't gotten over it yet.
  • Meeting my neice. She's practically walking and talking now, and I haven't even said so much as hello.
  • Cleaning my shower. Don't judge me.
  • Seeing "Inception."
  • Canning the apples from my tree. Half of which have already fallen to the ground. Mostly I'm making my contribution to the deer population locally.
I haven't learned to play guitar yet, either. Or finished a baby blanket for the aforementioned niece.

I think the kindest way for me to describe my 2010 so far is that I've spent it hiding out. But, thanks to Kelsey, I'm back.

So ... what do you want to talk about? :)
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  1. Like, like, like! Plan an Inception date on Friday - that one's easy. As for the dog...uh...that might take longer. :) Glad you're back! And now you're pressuring me to post - yay!

  2. I don't know about you, but personally I'd like to hear a about all your apple adventures. We're Washington gals; apples are part of our core (har har har). I am jealous of your apple trees (having left mine in Idaho) and am starved for some apple-related stories. :)

  3. Box up some apples, leave the dog at home (I don't want to be peed on) come make apple stuff and visit your only neice and nephew and then you can blog about how you don't want more kids! ;) BTY, I think I have the best apple pie recipe! I will have to get it to you!