Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm lost!

I love me.

In fact, I love me so much that I'm going to tell you another story about me.

This is a story that I didn't know. My stepmom shared it with me last night, when we were talking about how children tend to take the things adults say very literally.

It appears that, when I was 3, my stepmom ordered an ice cream cake for me from Baskin Robbins. She intended to order it from a store on Pacific Coast Highway, a road that winds down California's coast for hundreds of mile. Unfortunately, she accidentally ordered it from a different store on the same highway, three or four towns away.

In attempting to reach the store, with three-year-old me snug in the backseat, she got turned around.

"Oh dear," she said. "We're lost."

I burst into tears, believing that we were Hansel-&-Gretel lost, never to see our loved ones again.

"Oh NO!," she says I wept, crying giant-sized toddler tears. "But I want to see my daddy again!"

I can't help but wonder how great that ice cream cake tasted when we finally arrived home that night. Probably pretty darn good.
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