Friday, August 28, 2009

Classic images from TNT

Because I have no shame, I thought I'd post some of my runnin' pics!

The reason I look so horrified ... is because I'm tired! This is our first practice, and we'd just finished our timed mile. Literally could not fathom running one more foot!

Lunges. In our first Thursday practice, we started the beginning of what will soon be hundreds of lunges. My, how I hate lunges. The next day, I could hardly move.

But ... those lunges must have done some good, because here I am speedin' down the track! Well, I'm probably not speeding, but I am running. And there is a smile on my face. This was at the tail end of a "jet drill," a progression of speed from near-walking to all-out sprinting over 100 yards.

And here is why I'd been doing all that work! The end of my first team run--a four-miler down by the beach.

(There aren't any pictures of me at my next six-mile run ... the first time I actually ran {well, jogged} five miles in a row. There was no living with me that day.)

More lunges! This time I have my dorky blue headband, though, and took it like a man!

Me and the pace-partner I stalk, Joanne. We're good running partners, as you can see by the fact that I'm jogging AND smiling AND attempting to give a thumbs-up to the camerawoman! By now, we're doing four miles on the track at Thursday night training, and the next run is a whopping eight-miler!

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